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Background Noise: The Caretaker

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 24, 2011

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this morning The Caretaker(James Kirby) experimental musician from Stockport England and the  blue limited edition vinyl LP record version of the brand new album, an empty bliss beyond this world. Utilising original 78s deserted ballrooms, wandering its waxed floor and dilapidated grandeur.Ghostly crackly echoes,distant memories.Plus Sound works by kirby’s other guise Lleyland Kirby which we will begin with from the triple CD sadly The Future Is Not All What It Was from 2001, beautiful minimal dreamscapes. James Kirby also recorded under the name v/vm previously.


CD number, track, title, duration

1,2, the Sound of music vanishing (echoes of The Caretaker ), 11′ 15″

1,3, the beauty of the impending tragedy,7′ 36″


2,6, I’ve hummed this tune to all the girls I’ve known, 12′ 48″


And Now the brand-new release (released on June 21 only one week ago). The limited-edition LP version of an empty bliss beyond this world. Bits and pieces of old-fashioned tunes are looped as they are layered on top of crackling vinyl recordings. Since 1996, the British musician has created eerily beautiful sounds that could be heard emanating from a haunted ballroom.

Memory as a theme is used constantly throughout Bliss. Each track was made using a specific moment in a song from a previous era. That moment once isolated has then been edited to repeat unto itself yet behave as if it were the continuation of a finite melody.

Side ,Track,Title,Duration

A,1, All You’re Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There,3′ 40″

“,5, I Feel As If I Might Be Vanishing,1′ 55”

“6, Empty Bliss Beyond This World,4′ 15”

“7, Bedded Deep in Long Term Memory,2′ 45”

B,2, Mental Caverns without Dunshine,3′ 15″

“,3, pared Back to the Minimal,2′ 55”

 “,5, Empty Bliss beyond This World,3′ 50”

“,7, Camaraderie at arms length,3′ 50”



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