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Background Noise:Peter Rehberg interview part one

Posted in Background Noise by loops on April 4, 2008


on January 3 at the age of 85 Henri Chopin, the innovative and groundbreaking French sound poet passed away.  We will be doing a tribute to him on the next Background Noise.This Morning we will be playing tracks from the three brand-new experimental electronic music releases.  The demand series on editions mego from Vienna.  I will also be playing the first part of an interview with Peter Rehberg from his home in Vienna, who runs the label and performs and records under the name Pita.  This morning he will be talking about the demand series and next program about his recent collaborative projects .*demand 01 track                                                                                                                                             2,pink  umbrella          10,Astra                       demand 01 by Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz: Skylla CD Silvia Fässler: computer, electronics, guitar, Billy Roisz: computer, turntable , continuing with the interview. that was demand 02 by Gert-Jan Prins: Break Before Make CD2’Timpanilowfdbck     
*demand 03, that was the first 13 minutes from Demand 03 6°FSKYQUAKE
Total Time: 33:41 Stephen O’Malley: HP 200CD & Travis Bean / Fender Twin Reverb
Attila Csihar: Vocals , Written & Produced by Stephen O’Malley
Lyrics by Attila Csihar