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Background Noise: Sylvia Plath

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on March 21, 2011

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this morning feature on the great American poet Sylvia Plath, her frank and confessional style of writing won her a lot of fans. Mainly from the collection of rare and unreleased readings and conversation with her husband poet Ted Hughes. BBC recordings from the British library archive broadcast from 1960 until one month before her suicide in February 1963 at the age of 31, It was released in 2010 by the British library. Including fragments from a rare interview with her. She is widely regarded as an icon of American feminism.


We will start with her reading of the famous poem Daddy recorded by the British Council Cambridge England in 1962. This was released on Giorno poetry Systems dial a poem poets record totally corrupt 1976 on which William Burroughs also appears. Both writers were wonderful readers of their work which is quite rare for writers. Much is revealed about Sylvia in her readings and conversations. We will intersperse locked grooves between brackets of readings.

Now from the British library CD:

First Bracket

Track, title, duration

the living poet

1, leaving early,2′ 28″

3, poets in partnership Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (0-1’48”,3′ 02″ –4′ 30″,7′ 47″ –9′ 08″,9′ 18″ –9′ 34″, 12′ 35″ – 15′ 26″, 18′ 43″ – 20′ 11″) (9’)

4, introduction to mushrooms,0′ 08″

5, mushrooms,0′ 59″

ted hughes

6, Ted Hughes,introduction to pike,0′ 15″

7, “Pike,2′ 24″



the living poet

8, introduction to the living poet,0′ 57″

9, introduction to the disquieting muses,0′ 43″

10, the disquieting muses,3′ 11″

13, introduction to Parliament Hill Fields,0′ 47″

14, Parliament Hill Fields,3’15”
?15 Introduction to The Stones,0’39”
?16,The Stones,2’44”
17,Live Poetry reading at the Mermaid Theatre London,intro.0’46”

18,Introduction to Tulips, 0’13”
19,Tulips, 4’31”

The Poet’s Voice

20,The Surgeon at 2 a.m.,3’00”

what made you stay

21. Surviving extracts from an interview with Sylvia Plath,6’42” (a most beautiful appraisal of living in England)

23, Sylvia reviews an anthology of contemporary American poetry and readings,9’09”