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Background Noise: Lydia Lunch

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on July 24, 2011

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Lydia Lunch was a leading light of the very important New York no wave scene from the 70s in New York. It was really an art punk movement , she is The vocalist with Teenage Jesus And the Jerks (1976 at the age of 16. – 1979) originally and in recent years reformed. Her large and diverse body of work typically features provocative and confrontational delivery and has maintained an anti-commercial, do-it-yourself ethic, operating independently of major labels and distribution deals.[2]

 This morning a focus on Teenage Jesus And the Jerks, her first solo recording and her new group Big Sexy Noise (very strong elements of New York no wave ) first release from 2009, Teenage Jesus And the Jerks early recordings and the main feature her spoken word collaboration with French electronic sound artist,  Philippe petit called twist of fate from 2010.

Track, Title, Duration

1, Empty Eyes,1′ 37″ start with

2, Less of Life,1’ 40″ or

3, The Closet,2′ 54″

Queen of Siam first solo recording from 1980.

7, Lady Scarface,3′ 11″

10, Knives in the Drain,3′ 59″

Big Sexy Noise self titled CD from 2009

1, Gospel Singer,2′ 55″

5, Baby Faced Killer,4′ 18″

6, Bad for Bobby,3′ 18″


And now the main feature Twist of Fate from 2010. Spoken word collaboration between Lydia Lunch spoken word and French (from Marseille) sound artist, turntablist and label owner Philippe Petit. Lunch provides abstract paranoid spoken word tales and guitar textures, which Petit wraps in dense claustrophobic soundscapes. CD and DVD (of a live performance) released on monotype records. For the next 36 min immerse yourselves in some dark abstract places.

Track, Title, Duration

1, Thirsty,3′ 12″

3, Twist of Fate,9′ 48″

5, Oxygen,5′ 12″

6, Mysterious Disappearance,5′ 14″ (with guitar washes myLydia)

7, Dream Drugs,6′ 00″

8, Louse,6′ 45″



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