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Background Noise: William S Burroughs and John Barry tribute

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on March 21, 2011

The link is here

this morning William S Burroughs audio recordings from the first record from 1965 Call Me Burroughs on ESP and a CD released in Italy more recently. To mark the release of the new documentary film called William S Burroughs: a man within. Which is screening in January and February internationally including Melbourne and Adelaide. We will also be playing the trailer for the film. Also a promotion for the necks at the basement in Sydney on Wednesday, February 16. The music under the recordings of William S Burroughs will be by Electro Nova from Norway.

Big congratulations to Mike Majkowski,Laura Altman and Sam Pettigrew for the superb organisation of the Now Now Festival.And all the great musicians.

 Track listing
CD 1 Call Me Burroughs from 1965
track excerpts (timings from track start unless noted otherwise)

Track,Title, Duration

4, Thing Police Keep All Boardroom Reports,1′ 25″

5, Mr Bradley Mr Martin Hear Us through the hole In the Air,4′ 16″

Excerpts from

1, Meeting of International Conference of Technological Psychiatry,3′

2, Bradley the Buyer,1′ 42″

6, Where You Belong (rewrite),1′ 24″

7, Inflexible Authority,1′ 12″

8, Uranian Willy,1′ 00″

CD 2

The Instrument of Control on Archivio Letterario label,2008
A Selection of tracks all untitled