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Background Noise: Pulled Out Record Special

Posted in Background Noise by Ellard on December 21, 2007

First broadcast 04.12.04. The stream is here.

this morning We Will Be Playing the brand-new LP records on the local label pulled out records. They were launched on election night. Firstly a glorious picture disc of xNoBBQx with sausages on the Barbie.The raw garrage punk of Matt Earle on the guitar and Nick Dan who runs pulled out records on drums. . We Will Hear a 20 minute selection from the record and approximately 10 minutes from each side.Now From the blue mountains the spiders (noise musician James Heighway with recorded live improvised moments utilising guitars, effects, electronics, reel-to-reel and vocals. On Beautiful clean white vinyl. Again, a 20 minute selection, with tracks from each side. actaully the Spiders is his collection of home built/modified amps and electronics which he helps along, Finally finishing where we began with xNoBBQx and a record released in America on siltbreeze records from Philadelphia ( ). A15 minute selection with tracks from each side. the record is called Sunshine of Your Love

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