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Background Noise: Samplemania, Two Very Different Uses Of Samples

Posted in Uncategorized by loops on November 1, 2010

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this morning sample mania. Two very different uses of sampling. The caretaker from England from 2008 with ghostly echoes from a bygone era and the recently released collaboration of People like Us from the UK and wobbly from the USA, plunderphonics music for the fire.

To begin with the brand-new very limited-edition (350 copies worldwide) 7 inch picture disc, collaboration between Cosey Fanni Tutti (from Throbbing Gristle) beautiful vocals and French sound artist Philippe Petite. Side A — mist while sleeping followed by Side B — Invisible Whispers. Released on vinyl to give a warmer sound. DIRTER productions label.

CD 1 People like Us And Wobbly, Music for the Fire

A Collection of warm and mellow mood settings released on UK label illegal Art.

Quintessential audio collage and montage of mood music and cheesy spoken word.

Track, Title, Duration


2, Naked Little Girl,4’52”

3, Sheep Laid out to Dry,1’05”

4, Partners,2’48”

5, Okay,0’54”

6, Giant Love Ball,3’02”

8, Woman,4’25”

11, Everyone Alone,1’03”

12, Hello,0’48”

13, A New Baby,1’57”

15, Bad News,3’33”

CD 2 The Caretaker,Persistant Repitition Of Phrases 2008 released by installsound

VVM’s James Kirby’s work as The Caretaker has always dealt with the suggestion of haunted memory and the obscuring of temporal motion, and this album makes that more explicit than ever, with titles that reference amnesia, Alzheimer’s, past life regression and other such memory misfires and short circuits. Crackle and the ghostly samples (sometimes slowed down) from old records from the 20s and 30s . with faded pianos or big band sounds . Old ballroom music looped up.Haunting. A very different use of sampling.

Track, Title, Duration


1, Lacumar Amnesia,3′ 29″

3, Rosy Retrospection,5′ 05″

4, Long-Term (remote),4′ 19″

5, Poor Enunciation,5′ 05″

7, False Memory Syndrome,3′ 55″

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