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Background Noise: Swedish Text Sound part two and forerunners of Swedish electronic music

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this morning part two of Swedish text sound: a Stockholm Festival.CDs four and five from the five CD set released in 2005 on the Swedish label fylkingen. Swedish text sound is really an amalgam of sound poetry, text, concrete poetry and electroacoustics. There Is a Great Freedom of the Swedish word intended to free Swedish languageSome of the Work Is particularly Dada phonic reminiscent of Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters from the early 20th century. Unless stated otherwise all text sound pieces played this morning were realised at the studios of the EMS in Stockholm. Later forerunners of Swedish electronic music.

CD 4

track, artist, title, year, duration

3, Sandro Key-Aberg (1922 -1991), Tro-Hopp-Karlek (faith -hope -love) 1970,6′ 47″

He Was a major Swedish poet of his generation. This was his first attempt at text sound composition.

Realised at the Swedish radio.

5, Ilmar Leaban(1921 -2000), Stentorsston 1968,4′ 56

He Was Born in Estonia and moved to Sweden in 1943. He was very steeped in the tradition of the European avant-garde.

Particularly Dada phonic and a real freedom of the Swedish language. Electronic sound poetry. His work is pure sound poetry with echoes of Russian zaum (linguistic experiments in Russian futurism coined in 1913) and French lettrism began in the 1940s — a real dissection of language in this case Swedish and annihilation of the word.

6, Ilmar Leaban, I revolutionens sno (In the Snow of Revolution, 1970,3′ 51″

Again Swedish Dada phonics, electroacoustic sound poetry.

8, Ilmar Leaban, Ciel Inamputable (unamputable sky), 1970,4′ 07″

More freeing of Swedish language through multitrack Dada phonics

9, Ilmar Leaban, Des Dalles Et Des (about stone plates and dices) 1970,2′ 40″

CD5 Some European points of reference from the festival in Stockholm.

track, artist, title, year, duration

1, arrigo lora-totina (b 1928),chiacchere, 1976, 5′ 07″

He Is a poet, performance artist, painter and leading figure in Italian avant-gardism.Realised in his own studio in Italy.

5, Ladislav Novak (1925 -87), les miroirs aux alouettes, 1968, 3′ 07″

Was a Czech poet, painter and most notably collagist and a pioneer in Czechoslovakian concrete poetry.

6,”,ceterum autem, 1969,2′ 12″.These pieces have very little if any electroacoustic treatment.

9, Paul De Vree (1909-84), Stockholm ode, April bel sneow, 1971,5’07”front figure of the Belgian avante- garde.His concrete poems were very influential.First text sound composition in 1965.

Now some forerunners of Swedish electronic music,1955-65 from cd released on fylkingen in 2008.The first electronic music studio the EMS in Stockholm didn’t open until 1965.These early compositions mainly with reel-to-reel tape were made at home or other tape studios.

Track,Artist,Title,year,Duration, where realised


2,bengt hambraeus, doppetrohr 2, 1955,4′ 01″, realised at the studios of WDR cologne

(1928 -2000) The First Important Composer and Introducer of electronic music in Sweden. Very much musique concrete composition. He connected with Stockhausen and others in Germany.

3,rune lindblad,optica 2,1958-1959,5′ 57″, realised at the composer’s studio vastra frolunda

(1923 -1991) The First Person in Sweden to make tape music (1953). This piece is the result of experimentation with magnetic film sound.

5,arne mellnas,nite music,1964,6’04”, realised at the San Francisco tape music centre

(1923 -2002).He Was Involved in studies at the Darmstadt School in Germany in 1960. Wonderful early table loop composition.

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